Student Plan FAQs

What services does the Student Plan include?
Suds Your Duds provides professional wash, dry and fold laundry services. You drop off your laundry weekly--you select your day--and pick it up the next day. All garments are handled with care as they are washed, dried, and folded to your specifications.

How can I sign up?
You can sign up on this website or in person at Suds Your Duds.

What form of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal on our website. Please note that you do not need to have a PayPal account to register. We accept checks and cash on site at Suds Your Duds.

When do you offer the service?
We follow WCU’s academic calendar, so your service will be 15 weeks per semester, 30 weeks per year or 9 weeks per summer session.

Is it too late to sign up for the service now that the semester is in progress?
It's never too late to sign up! You can begin anytime. Each week during the semester, we adjust the prices so you can always sign up with pro-rated pricing.

What if I want to have my laundry done in between semesters?
You are welcome to use our regular drop-off service in between semesters. You will receive the same discount if you are currently enrolled in the Student Plan for the next semester or summer session, or if you are enrolled in the Student Plan for the academic year.

How much laundry will I be able to have done per week?
We have two sizes of laundry bags for you to choose from. The medium will hold 15 pounds of laundry, and the large will hold 25 pounds. Extra laundry above your plan weight will be done at the current per pound rate plus tax.

Do you charge for the custom laundry bag?
It’s free with your Student Plan.

How do I get my free laundry bag?
Stop by Suds Your Duds after signing up online, or if you sign up in person, you may pick it up then.

Do I need to bring my own detergent and softener?
We supply these items, but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.

What if I'm allergic to regular detergent?
We offer scent free detergent, softener and fabric sheets upon request.

Do you have designated washers and dryers for each customer's clothes?
Yes, we do. Your clothes will never be mixed with anyone else's.

How do you keep track of my laundry?
You will receive a Student Plan Tag that will stay in your laundry bag’s pocket, and each washer and dryer used for your clothes is labeled with your name.

What if I have a special request for my laundry?
We will wash, dry and fold it just the way you like it. You will have an opportunity to give your special instructions to the attendant when you pick up your laundry bag. The instructions will be recorded on your Student Plan Tag and they will be followed each week.

What if I have special instructions for a particular drop-off that aren’t on my Student Plan Tag?
Simply give any special instructions to the attendant.

Will you put my clothes on hangers?
Yes, just bring the hangers with you and tell the attendant when you drop off your laundry.

When will I get my laundry back?
Your laundry will be ready for you to pick up the following day after you drop it off.

What happens if I miss my drop-off day?
Call before you bring it in to see if it can be done by the next day or not. It depends on how many drop-off orders are ahead of yours.

Can I cancel my service?
We are committed to your complete satisfaction. If you are not satisfied you may cancel during the first two weeks for a prorated credit or refund, less a $20 cancellation fee.

Still have questions?
Please call us at 828.293.0222.